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Nancy Pelosi Refuses To Take Responsibility For Trump's Inadequacies

At Speaker Pelosi's press conference, she explained she'd work with the president, if he were only ever prepared for his job.

Another transcendent few moments in Nancy Pelosi's press conference had her throwing the subtlest of shade to Trumpy Bear, and landing some powerful punches squarely on his jaw, too. The swipe at Kellyanne Conway was just a fun little pinch she gave her going out the door.

Kasie Hunt asked her after Trump stormed out of yesterday's meeting, swearing he would never work with Democrats as long as he was under investigation, if Speaker Pelosi would consider working with him on anything. Her answer ranged from "Well, I would...if he were ever prepared..." to "These meetings are historic - we're all so busy! The leaders of Congress are busy...the president of the United States is busy... I think..." to the strongly worded, "I will NOT take responsibilities for HIS screw-ups" towards the end.

HUNT: Would you work with the president after what happened? Work with him on anything?

PELOSI: Of course. I mean, you know, we're dealing with a situation that is becoming more predictable. But I do think that we have a responsibility to try to find common ground. Funny you ask that question, Kasie, because yesterday I was going to start the meeting in terms of, of course, putting it in historic perspective as I've done here today, but also say, "We're very busy people." The leaders in the Congress. Especially the president of the United States, I think. And a meeting between leaders of the Congress and the president is an historic meeting. This is not a casual coming together of Democrats and Republicans. This is -- this is a historic meeting, it's the leadership of the legislative branch. The first branch of government and the president of the United States. So let's make it count for something. Let's really make it count for something, by dint of PREPARATION, by dint of respect for each other's views, understanding that we'll have to yield on points to get results for the American people. But, he obviously was not prepared by dint of preparation, he was not prepared and so he used some excuse to go out the door. But I will NOT take responsibility for his IRRESPONSIBLE behavior because we were pointing out the truth to the American people.

HUNT: Kellyanne conway, made some remarks at the end of the meeting, she's apparently expanded on her remarks --

PELOSI: I'm not going to talk about that. I responded as Speaker of the House to the president of the United States. Other conversations people will have among themselves is up to them.

Remember that, Kellyanne. You're just the maid.

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