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White House Deputy Spokesperson Wishes Trump Had A ‘Complicit Compliant Media’

Hogan Gidley tells Fox's Howard Kurtz he would love it if everyone in the media would act like just like Kurtz' employer.

Apparently completely co-opting one so-called "news" network and the rest of them allowing one Republican liar after the next to pollute our airways hour after hour isn't enough to satisfy the authoritarian tenancies of this corrupt administration.

Here's deputy White House spokesliar, Hogan Gidley, appearing on State-Run TV Fox News this Sunday with Media Buzz host Howard Kurtz, spreading the lie they tell a thousand times a week on that network, that the rest of our media is "liberal" and in the tank for Democrats, and openly wishing the rest of our media would act more like Fox when Kurtz asked him about Trump's pre-planned temper tantrum where he stormed out on the Democrats earlier in the week.

KURTZ: The president the other day asked you and Sarah Sanders and Kellyanne to vouch the fact that he didn’t throw a temper tantrum in that meeting with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. You said you weren’t at that meeting but you spoke about another meeting. There’s been all kinds of media mockery of this. MSNBC was leading with it every hour. Was it awkward for all of the advisers to have to vouch for the boss?

GIDLEY: Absolutely not. I mean, especially if you’re in the face of 92 percent negative news coverage against you. We have to vouch for him all the time. It’s amazing how the media covers what he does and what he says in a slant that makes everything negative, no matter how positive the subject matter may be...

KURTZ: You're saying everybody does that? Many journalists do that?

GIDLEY: I'd say a majority of journalists. I mean, there's no doubt about that, and when he leaves the meeting with Nancy Pelosi and all they do is mischaracterize his demeanor and take whatever she says, you know, lock, stock and barrel, I mean, it would be so nice if we had a complicit, compliant media the way the Democrats do, and we don’t.

But that's the game and we understand that. That's why the president takes everything directly to the American people so often via Twitter and other incidents.


KURTZ: There was a New York Times story that said Trump stormed out of the meeting, but didn't every story, every story that I saw gave both sides. Trump said he wasn't. They said he was, so how is that fake and corrupt press?

GIDLEY: Well, because of the language they used and they say things like, “he was enraged” or “he stormed out.” Those are editorialized words. You can say he left the meeting, you can say he walked out of the meeting.

KURTZ: He left abruptly. That's fair.

GIDLEY: That's... well, again, define abruptly. He gave his message and left the meeting. There was no time limit set beforehand that everyone agreed upon. We're going to do twenty minutes and he left at three.

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