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McConnell Lies About Merrick Garland On Fox And Friends

They will be chanting "Merrick Garland" at your funeral, Mitch McConnell. Never Forget.

The Republican Senate Majority Leader joined Donald Trump's favorite propaganda TV show on Monday.

Mitch McConnell continued to lie about why he refused to put the nomination of Merrick Garland forward with almost a full year left in President Obama's term.

Co-host and Trump sycophant Dan "'The Bong" Bongino brought up the topic of judges this morning since the start of the 2020 presidential election has begun.

After praising McConnell's work on Trump's judges, Bongino asked, "If another seat opens on the Supreme Court, are you going to push that through?

McConnell replied, "Absolutely. You know, the precedent that people ignored back in 2016 when I made the decision not to fill the vacancy during the middle of a presidential election was who controlled the Senate."

Previously McConnell made up of phony Biden rule, based on remarks Sen. Joe Biden made back in 1992. But those were just comments, not any form of legislation.

The reason McConnell gave to the American people and the press to refuse the Garland nomination was because the country was in the middle of the presidential election, and not who controlled the Senate.

Bongino dutifully replied, "That's right."

McConnell continued, "You have to go back to 1888 to find the last time a Senate of a different party from the president confirmed a vacancy to the Supreme Court that occurred during the presidential election. Makes sense. We will still control the Senate next year. If there were to be a vacancy, of course we would fill it."

This is a new talking point for the Majority Leader.

As Amy Howe discussed in her Scotusblog article, "In the wake of the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, questions have arisen about whether there is a standard practice of not nominating and confirming Supreme Court Justices during a presidential election year. The historical record does not reveal any instances since at least 1900 of the president failing to nominate and/or the Senate failing to confirm a nominee in a presidential election year because of the impending election. In that period, there were several nominations and confirmations of Justices during presidential election years."

McConnell and the modern GOP have taken obstruction to new heights of partisanship as soon as Obama was elected.

And now the senator from Kentucky is telling Congress that no matter how far along we are in this upcoming election, he will still put forth a Supreme Court nominee for Donald Trump.

We'll never forget you stole that seat, Mitch.

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