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Why Are Conservatives So Dumb On Social Media?

Even if your goal is to be a major demagogue to argue for your "side," a minimal level of reading would prevent you from looking ignorant
Why Are Conservatives So Dumb On Social Media?
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Social media is an odd phenomenon. The goal is to raise your profile to push your messages as far as possible.

Generally speaking, the way to get your profile raised is to create content that will push emotional triggers and encourage engagement. In other words, demagoguery works to create the impression of influence on whichever platform. That goal does not recognize partisanship.

But--and maybe this is just the prism of the content that filters in my feed--conservative demagoguery is just so, so... stupid. Is it that conservatism demands a lack of understanding of context? Is it that they are uneducated? Is it that truthiness trumps (pardon the expression) facts?

This particular tweet from new Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs for the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Monica Crowley. Crowley actually wrote this tweet in 2015, presumably as a slam against then-President Obama's immigration policies. It gained viral status again four years later as people combed through her Twitter feed with the announcement that she was joining the Trump administration.

It's a strange assertion to make on a wall designed to keep people IN a fascist, oppressive regime created by the Soviet Union, not out.

And then there is another Trumpie, former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker:

It's also the first fricking week in November, but...

Perennially stupid demagogue Dinesh D'Souza

For the record, "Nuclear Winter" referred to fallout AFTER a nuclear attack, which we did not thankfully experience in the 80s as the US ratcheted up their nuclear proliferation against the former Soviet Union.

Bob Lonsberry made quite a splash this week too.

Lonsberry, a conservative radio host in Utah, probably should have thought about his own history before whining about "Okay boomer" as a generational response.

Then there are the Trumps.

Don, Jr.



And the Orange One himself:

Seriously, can we stop elevating stupid people like this?

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