Young GOP Candidate, Madison Cawthorn, Vacationed At Hitler's Retreat
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August 12, 2020

A North Carolina congressional candidate, Madison Cawthorne, may have just been outed as a Nazi - or at the least, a Nazi sympathizer. Photos from his Instagram showed his glee at vacationing at Adolf Hitler's favorite retreat - Eagle's Nest in 2017. He also called Hitler by a term of reverence - "Führer.” Oh, and he also displays a flag that is often used by far-right extremists (aka Nazis) in his home.

Jezebel did an incredible deep dive into Cawthorn's past and their findings are disturbing, to say the least. They profile a 25 year old filled with hate, racism, xenophobia, overt anti-semitism, gun fetishism, anti-choice, lying, cheating and straight up grifting.

He is a candidate for North Carolina's 11th district and has the very public support of none other than the biggest grifter in America - Donald Trump. Shortly after his primary win, Cawthron told Fox Business: “Our country’s in dire times, and if it doesn’t have somebody come out to help and someone to lead a patriot revolution of this younger generation, then I feel like we’re going to have a generational time bomb go off in the Republican Party.”

Cawthorn, for some reason, thinks he is that person. Mind you, he dropped out of college after 1 semester of straight D's. He has no job, although he claims he is a "real estate investor" (more on that below). He has no actual skills. He is a good looking devout Christian who was in a serious car accident at 18, which left him partially paralyzed. He is engaged to be married (his 2nd engagement already) to a fitness "influencer". Oh, and he LOVES guns.

Jezebel reached out to his campaign to get answers about many disturbing things they found when doing a deep dive into who Cawthrion actually is - and got no answers. One of the main areas they had questions about what Cawthorn's extremism, which Jezebel called "white supremacist-adjacent nationalism." They also wanted to know more about the lies and half truths that Cawthorn and his team have put out, presenting him as a successful businessman - which appears to be at worst, a lie. At best, a serious exaggeration.

One of Cawthorn's biggest lies is that he had a nomination to the U.S Naval Academy and had to withdraw after his car accident at age 18. His campaign said “He planned on serving his country in the Navy with a nomination to the U.S. Naval Academy...until tragedy struck.” Turns out he was rejected from the Naval Academy and knew about that well before his car accident. That's a pretty big thing to misrepresent. Bone spurs 2.0.

Cawthorn also brags about his time in college. His resume states that he went to a small conservative Christian school called Patrick Henry College. It is not so much a college as it is a brainwashing facility for those who "want to enter right-wing politics." During a 2017 deposition related to his car accident, Cawthorn addmitted that he dropped out almost immediately because his grades were so awful - D's in almost all classes. So Cawthorn never got into the Naval Academy and he pretty much flunked out of a right-wing brainwashing "college."

So what about this "real estate investing"? Well, this is not a lie as much as it is a half truth. Hawthorn claims to be an entrepenuer, but his resume lists no job and no income. So what did he invest in? Jezebel doung that he had ONE real estate transaction - he purchased a six acre piece pf property in Genoia, Georgia at a foreclosure auction for $20,000 in 2019. That is it - that is the whole portfolio for his company SPQR Holdings, LLC (which has it's business address listed as his home address).

So to summarize: Madison Cawthorn may be the most far right candidate to run for office this year. From abortion to immigration to civil rights - he picks the most extremist views possible. He is a white supremacist. He is anti-choice. Oh, and he has flags in his house - the Betsy Ross flag - that have been used by the Patriot Movement, a far right extremist movement.

But you don't need me to tell you this. Listen to Cawthorn's own words. During an interview with Charlie Kirk, Cawthron failed against feminists:

“You have this third wave feminism that comes in that says, ‘No, we don’t want to be equal to men, we want to be greater than men at this point, we want to put them down.’”

Regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, Cawthorn said they had been “hijacked by Marxists.”

The LGBT movement used to be “just two people who want to be able to get married.” But now he says that trans rights are a step too far:

“Now it’s saying we need to be able to have gender reassignment surgery for 12-year-olds."

About abortion? Cawthorn said that Roe v Wade was an "achaic ruling" and called it "murder" and "genocide."

And what about reparations? He called those a "dangerous precedent" and said it leads to a "victimhood mentality." He also said:

“On another part, it’s saying that they’re owed something. Did we not pay enough when 600,000 Americans died to free slaves?”

I am speechless.

Oh, and he added that single mothers is the biggest problem in minority community, not systematic racism. He added this idiotic statement:

“We subsidize fatherlessness because there are so many financial benefits to these young women to not get married and have more children, because then they can get more subsidies for those children. And then you have a woman who has seven kids from three different fathers, but none of those dads are around.”

And regarding immigration? He wants to keep everyone out of America. Period. Hard stop.

“We should not be accepting new people into our country right now. I do not believe that it’s my job as an American to be the caretaker of the rest of the world. Because one, we’ll lose our national identity, and two, we can’t support it.”

So to summarize: Madison Cawthone is the absolute worst and most extreme Republican candidate running right now, and that says alot. He is a far right extremist, anti immigrant, racist, Nazi loving, anti-choice, lying, college dropout scam artist. And he may be in Congress in 6 months representing the Republican Party.

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