January 9, 2022

Jim Acosta laid into Ted Cruz for his pathetic groveling on Tucker Carlson's FOX Not News Propaganda Show after calling January 6th a "terror attack." Apparently Tucker took that description personally. After all, his viewers and friends and supporters would then be...terrorists! I mean, at the very least, they would be terrorist-adjacent, or maybe terrorist supporters! That cannot be! MAGA, Trump-supporting, flag-waving, swastika tattoo-wearing (wait, maybe not? maybe), Bible-thumping, Jesus-loving Christians cannot ALSO be terrorists, can they?

Well, Ted Cancun Cruz did indeed come a'groveling at the fishstick heir's feet, begging for redemption and forgiveness, wish.com wolverine beard and all.

Acosta's intro laid it ALL out there:

ACOSTA: We have spent a lot of time this past week talking about January 6th, but we haven't really addressed what comes next. One thing we know is that the truth about the insurrection is still under attack. Consider Ted Cruz. Who actually told the truth and paid the price.

Clip of Ted Cruz: "We are approaching a solemn anniversary this week and it is an anniversary of a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol where we saw the men and women of law enforcement demonstrate incredible incredible courage, incredible bravery. Risk their lives to defend the men and women who serve in this Capitol.

ACOSTA: But for Cruz, a funny thing happened on the way to honesty. The same Ted Cruz who fanned the flames of the insurrection went on FOX to apologize for telling the truth. That the attack on the Capitol was an act of terrorism. Tucker Carlson accused Cruz of lying, which makes sense as Tucker is an expert on this subject. Lying, that is.

Then, this FOX clip, where you can see Tucker pull out Cruz's spine through the back of his head, while doing that eyebrow/slack jaw thing where he looks like he just farted and can't tell if he pooped his pants at the same time:

CARLSON: You called this a terror attack when by no definition was it a terror attack. It's a lie. You told that lie on purpose and I'm wondering why you did.

CRUZ: Thank you for having me on. When you aired your episode last night, I sent you a text shortly after and said I'd like to go on because the way I phrased things yesterday, it was sloppy and it was frankly dumb and --

CARLSON: I don't buy that. Whoa, whoa, I don't buy that. I've known you a long time since before you went to the Senate. You take words as seriously as any man that's ever served in the Senate. You repeated that phrase. I do not believe you used that accidentally.

CRUZ: So, Tucker, as a result of my sloppy phrasing, it's caused a lot of people to misunderstand what I meant.

Acosta pounced, immediately, and brilliantly.

ACOSTA: That was a flaccid moment. I know comparisons have been made to Reek from Game of Thrones, but I was thinking the gimp from Pulp Fiction. At this point, if Cruz wants to head to Cancun, I don't blame him. Somebody get this man a margarita. I'll be buying.

Cruz has repeatedly referred to January 6th as a terrorist attack. And he's right. He has done it 17 times. It's true. But herein lies the problem for the Republican Party. In the cult of Trump, truth telling will no longer be tolerated. Some in the party used to tell the truth right after the Capitol attack. Anybody remember that?

Then he played a montage of Republicans calling out Trump and the mob for their terrorist attack right after it happened. Oh, how quickly they forget, right? Just 3 weeks later, Qevin McCarthy, another spineless jellyfish, was down at Mar-a-Lago, kissing Trump's ring.

After an exceptional montage, laying out what our future could be if we keep making excuses for Trump, if we allow MAGA Qanon freaks like Marjorie Taylor Greene and her twitter trolls to rise in Congress, we will end in dark times. And for what? "For whom?" Acosta asked: "The orange-headed love child of Rupert Murdoch and David Duke?"

Can you help us out?

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