CNN’s Brianna Keilar must have hurt some major fee-fees when she smashed to smithereens “propagandist, liar, parasite” Tucker Carlson’s effort to whitewash the MAGA sedition riot.
January 9, 2021

Keilar mopped the floor Friday with Carlson’s effort to downplay the insurrection at the Capitol as “a political protest that got out of hand” and his attempt to make those who rightly labeled the insurrection as sedition the real villains. She also exposed Carlson’s racism with a devastating comparison of his tolerance for the MAGA violence with his condemnation of Black Lives Matter protests.

Apparently, she struck a nerve. Carlson’s stock-in-trade is vicious smears but he couldn’t handle Keilar’s methodical, point-by-point takedown.

Nor could he defend himself with any facts or truth.

Instead, he accused CNN of trying to force Fox News off the air and run it out of business. He alleged that CNN staffers “have already contacted the six major cable carriers” and “pressured them to drop Fox News.” His so-called proof was reading CNN’s statement, “It is time that TV carriers face questions for lending their platforms to dishonest companies that profit off of disinformation and conspiracy theories.”

It’s worth noting that Carlson never disputed that he and Fox have profited from disinformation and conspiracy theories. No, he, took a stand for the right to do so.

CARLSON: So here you have a news company calling for censorship. You have a TV network demanding that media conglomerates ban its competitors. That's terrifying.

Let’s not forget that freedom-of-the-press lover Carlson deliberately endangered two New York Times journalists with on-air lies. He has also hinted at threatening the reporters who outed his head writer as a white supremacist.

In this case, the 51 year-old Carlson devolved into childish name calling:

CARLSON: You can just imagine CNN’s blustery little dwarf king calling into his morning staff call yesterday. He spent a long night sitting on the tiny throne in his apartment, feet dangling just above the floor, watching Fox News and getting angrier and angrier. By the time he reaches his minions in the CNN newsroom to deliver the day's orders, the dwarf king’s fleshy face is quivering like Jell-o and crimson with rage. "Make them stop!" he screams. "Make them stop!" The minions jolt to attention.

We can just imagine Carlson’s fragile ego melting at being destroyed by Keilar, the “former homecoming queen” who is not even a prime time host, like he is.

CARLSON: The first to her battle post is a former homecoming queen from Orange County who is eager to prove her chops. She’s not a prime time anchor. She’d like to be, but she’s still just a news reader, a former cohost of a radio show on a contemporary hit station in Yakima, Washington, called "Billy Blue and Brianna too, The Morning Zoo."

Not everyone takes her seriously. She wants to be taken seriously, and this is her chance. So she tries to remember the dwarf king’s orders: Stop Fox. That was the main command.

In her commentary, Keilar looked up the words “sedition” and “insurrection” in the dictionary and followed up with facts to prove the seriousness of the armed attack on the Capitol. Again, Carlson didn’t dispute a single fact. He merely continued his childish invective.

CARLSON: Then there was a stream of consciousness part, the part where the boss was breathing so heavily it was hard to make out the words. There was white supremacy, insurrection, domestic terrorism -- something like that. She tries to connect the dots. It's confusing, but she's pretty sure the word "insurrection" was in there. For sure, someone insurrectioned or acted insurrection-y, something like that. No, it was definitely insurrection. She decides to look up the word in the dictionary to see what it means.

In Carlson’s hideous mind, apparently, slinging mud passes for truth. Or something. And the poster child for white privilege never forgets to pretend that white people are the perennial racial victims.

CARLSON (snickering): Take Merriam-Webster's word for it. that's Mrs. Merriam-Webster to you. But here's the problem. This show, she explains, refused to call that obviously highly insurrection-y event an insurrection. Did not use the word, just refused. I mean, seriously. who would do that? Well, if you really want to know who would do that, a white person would do that. A privileged white person. Someone who presumably, unlike her coworkers at CNN – and in fact, the dwarf king himself – who is both white and privileged, afflicted with something called white privilege. So much white privilege, in fact, that it blinded this person, because that is the thing about white privilege, if you keep doing it, you go blind. that is what the boss said.


It went on like this for an entire segment. you can look it up on the internet. In a way, that’s the good news. With enemies like this, Fox News will be around for a long, long time.

Don’t tell me Carlson isn’t worried.

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