Another Lie: The homophobic Florida law is not about gays, says Tucker, but about your teachers pressuring kindergarteners to change their sexual identity. (That's not happening.)
March 10, 2022

On Fox News Wednesday, Tucker Carlson defended the new Florida homophobic law, claiming it's not about gays and then suggested teachers should be jailed or beaten up if they ever mention sexual identity.

This is another case of a faux outrage caused by Republicans to attack teachers and school administrators over the nonexistent "teaching of sexual identity" to children.

Carlson, with not even a scintilla of proof said, "In many cases kids are pressured by the people in charge and that means teachers and administrators," to change their sexual identity and orientation.

Who knew the primary purpose of teachers (in Florida of all places) is to pressure your children to change their sexual identity?

This is so bizarre, it's scary.

Carlson yelled that a bill Florida Republicans called "Parental Rights in Education bill," is being misrepresented.

Carlson called it an "education" bill. If the words "gay ban" aren't in the title then it can't possibly about gays, right?

Carlson lies and says the "bill is to stop schools from teaching gender identity in kindergarten through third grade."

Is that all Florida elementary school teachers do? Do they teach about changing your kids' sexual identity?

Carlson said, "Maybe teach the kids to read instead of to go trans."

There's is another horrible wingnut attack after the CRT nonsense of promoting right-wing evangelical homophobic ideas into the school systems.

"It has nothing to do with gays," Carlson reiterated.

Maybe the Fox News host should watch Florida State Senator Dennis Baxley, the sponsor of the legislation, who said too many kids were coming out as gay to become celebrities.

Carlson wrapped up his gay bashing, anti-teacher rant thusly:

"You shouldn't be talking to kindergarteners about gender identity, especially if you are not their parents," he said.

Carlson continued, "That's creepy. You should be arrested for that in fact. You talk about sex in kindergarten, you get beaten up. You should be beaten up!"

Nowhere did Carlson give one instance of this happening. He can't -- because the entire issue is a red herring to inflame wingnut parents who tune in like lemmings and drink Fox Kool-Aid before attacking teachers.

Go to hell, Tucker.

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