April 11, 2022

I could not have predicted that even a Fox News Panel would sink to this.

But if you told me they had, I COULD have predicted Sean Duffy would have something to do with it. That guy has zero integrity. Transcript via Media Matters:

DUFFY: Listen, if Joe Biden had a heart to fix the border, he would do it. Listen, he wants an open border policy. He's playing to the far left of his party. But I want to bring up one other point. You mentioned that 9,000 -- the amount of fentanyl that was seized could kill 9,000 people. Not get 9,000 people high, could kill 9,000 people.

BANDERAS: Nine million.

DUFFY: Oh, 9 million. OK, 9 million. Even worse.

BANDERAS: Even worse.

DUFFY: So look at this.


DUFFY: We know that Hunter Biden has a drug addiction problem, If Hunter Biden's drugs had been laced with fentanyl and he had died, Joe Biden would have a way different view on the drugs coming across our border into our country.

BANDERAS: Good point.

DUFFY: And I know several parents who have kids who have drug addictions that have died because their drugs have been laced with fentanyl. People are dying, and if Joe Biden had to live that, he would absolutely change policy.

BANDERAS: You're absolutely right.

DUFFY: I don't wish it on him, by the way, to be clear. I don't wish that.

BANDERAS: OK, we're going to get more straight ahead. No, of course not, no, of course not. But, I mean, it is a hard fact.

And the sad thing is, under Joe Biden the Border Patrol is getting much BETTER at finding and confiscating fentanyl at the border. Something you'll never, ever hear on Fox News.

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