April 26, 2022

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) is up for re-election this year and really wants that Fox News soundbite.

During a hearing today on the Justice Dept. Budget request for 2023, the Republican Senator from Louisiana tried to get Attorney General Merrick Garland to say all cops are bad and racist.

It's another despicable moment of the clown show Republicans have become.

Kennedy: What percentage of cops in America do you think are bad cops?

(That's what I want to find out.)

Garland: A very small percentage.

Kennedy: Like how small?

(Are you the manager?)

Garland: I don't have a number.

Kennedy: You're one of the country's chief law enforcement officers, is it less than 10%?

(You gonna be the coach too?)

Garland: Yes. Let me just be clear. We believe that most police officers follow the constitution and their practices, most police departments do. And all police officers, I believe, want to work in police departments that follow constitutional policing requirements.

Kennedy: Is it less than 5%?
(And you don't know the fellows' names?)

Garland: I don't have the numbers. I think it probably is but again, I don't have any numbers for you.

Kennedy: Okay, do you think most cops are racist?


Garland: No, I do not.

Kennedy: Ummm, what percentage of cops do you think, in your judgment, i know you can't get mean exact figure, do you think are racist?

(Well then who's on first?)

Garland: Sorry, I'm not resisting, because I have a number that can't give you, I just really, I don't have any way of making that evaluation.

(I mean the fellow's name.)

Kennedy: What does your gut tell you, less than 5%?

(I mean the fellow's name)

Garland: One thing I learned, not give answers from my gut.

Kennedy: You think it's less than 5%?

(The guy on first)

Garland: I don't know the answer, I'm sorry.

Kennedy: you don't know.

(The guy playing)

Garland: I don't, know, now --

And with that the "Who's on First" routine ended.

And what is up with that accent?

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