August 25, 2022

Fox News' Martha MacCallum was furious over Biden's student loan forgiveness plan, but claimed it was different for Republicans who didn't pay back their massive PPP loans.

Gianni Caldwell, a Fox News analyst, said helping the middle class makes Democrats the party of elites and snobs that look down on people who go to trade schools. (This is the standard GOP talking point now)


Laura Fink defended Biden's decision. Her powerful words about how much Trump's tax cuts only helped the rich and should be considered a giveaway forced the Fox News host to keep interrupting her.

Fink's points were well-stated and accurate.

McCallum then claimed she's looking at the full package as a message that the government will pay for everything and wondered were will it end.

Forgiving $10-20,000 of a massive student loan is not paying for everything at all.

Martha tried to end the segment this way

"But it's a very different America than I think my parents and probably your parents grew up in where we're gonna try to cover these costs and I just don't know where it ends," MacCallum said.

Caldwell's last comment was ludicrous, as was most of what he said during the segment.

"And parents are really upset," Caldwell said.

What parents are upset? Any parent that has a kid who is getting some relief is happy, not angry.

Fink jumped back in, "What about the PPP loans that they forgave for Matt Gaetz..for...?"

"That was a unique circumstance in the middle of the pandemic which is now over according to the CDC," MacCallum claimed.

Millionaire Republicans took massive PPP loans and then didn't pay it back. Why is that different?

That's different don't you see?

College students got 10 grand, while Matt Gaetz received 476,000.

Republicans only want the rich to profit and get payouts from the federal government.

All others must be damned.

For every Republican that complains about the student loan payoff, there is a PPP loan forgiven. This Twitter thread documents some of them.


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