November 14, 2022

During an interview with MSNBC's Ali Velshi, Donald Trump's niece Mary Trump had a warning for Republicans who have enabled her dangerous uncle if they dare to nominate someone else for president the next time around: You can try to run from Orange Julius, but you can't hide.

VELSHI: First of all, we're hedging all of this, right? Because Donald Trump says he's announcing his run on Tuesday, but one never knows with Donald Trump. And the other thing is, it may be a remarkable reminder to America of what used to be.

One of the things that may have won last night, we keep talking about Joe Biden's low approval rating, but Joe Biden represents normalcy. He represents I'm not gonna get on TV and say crazy stuff to you. I'm not gonna tweet crazy things. This is just normal, and on Tuesday we're gonna get a big reminder about what not normal looks like.

TRUMP: Yeah, I think we are, and I also think it is also safe to say right now that Donald Trump is the most dangerous person to the Republican party, and they richly deserve it. It will be quite something to see the Republicans try to distance themselves from the man they helped create, and quite honestly, who would still be proposing if they had won last week.

So I don't think we can let the Republicans get away with any of this. We cannot allow them to separate themselves from Donald Trump. But, you know what? Donald Trump isn't going to let them do it either. Whether or not he runs, and I believe that he has to announce that he's going to and at least pretend to, for many reasons, including all of the criminal and civil cases that he's involved in right now.

But, whatever the reason, whether he runs, pretends to, run or doesn't run, he will do anything to take down any Republican who dares go against him, and as he may clear a week ago, he's willing to dig up dirt on his opponents, including Ron DeSantis.

VELSHI: So, is he being sort of a caged, you know, a cornered person right now? Because, is he hearing this criticism? It's all out there. It's from people who are closer to his base than have been in the past. A lot of mainstream, regular conservatives have, for sometime, been saying it is time to get past Donald Trump.

But in this particular case, it's people even closer to him, including some in his inner circle, who are saying maybe don't declare on Tuesday. Maybe wait to see what happens in Georgia. Maybe wait til later. It does seem, and you know his personality better than most, it does seem that at all of this is forcing him or making him want it more.

TRUMP: Oh Ali, you're absolutely right. He needs desperately to feel relevant, because even though people in the Republican leadership and others in the party have been wanting to distance themselves from him for a while now, this is the first time we have concrete evidence, or they have concrete evidence, electorally, of just how poisonous he is.

So, I don't think that -- they are saying, based on results, they are blaming him for, that Donald Trump is the biggest loser of the midterm election is going to make him want to go away quietly.

VELSHI: So what do you think happens here? Donald Trump wants to be relevant, in the face of an election that has done something for him that he never wants. It has proved that he is potentially less relevant than he thinks he is. So how do you square those things?

You do maintain that he remains the most dangerous person in the Republican party, and by extension that means he's maybe the most dangerous person in America, because there's a possibility he could run, and win, and become president of the United States again with this irrelevance. How do you square those two? It's he either less relevant or is he still the most dangerous person around?

TRUMP: I think it's both, because Donald becomes his most dangerous when he fears loss of relevance. When he fears that he is no longer the center of attention. When he fears that he is no longer than one in control. And we don't know just what kind of information he has on other people in his party. What we do know is he would be willing to use it.

And I believe we talked about this before the 2020 election. Donald will burn everything down if he feels like he is going down. We can't discount that. We ignore him at our peril, as we've been saying for a very long time now. It is getting quite exhausting.

But, again, that is why the Republican party strategy of just deciding to turn a different direction won't work. One, it won't work because he won't let them do it, and two it shouldn't work because they are largely responsible for the state of the party and the dangers that this party continues to present to this country.

Keith Olbermann made a similar prediction during his podcast last Thursday. He believes DeSantis will win the Republican nomination, and Trump will run as an independent. Time will tell. I'll be stocking up on popcorn.

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