Stewart Teaches MSNBC To Selectively Edit Clips Like Fox News

MSNBC could learn a thing or two from Fox News.

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart noted Thursday that the left leaning network was moderating their praise for President Barack Obama. On the other hand, Fox News hasn't held back with their criticism and selectively edited clips.

Gawker wrote:

Tonight, Jon Stewart noted President Obama's shift from bipartisan love machine to Republican-killing campaign shark, and—namely—the media's reaction to it. The verdict? MSNBC should emulate Fox News' skew-the-news-to-fit-our-narrative mantra, and Rick Sanchez is an effing idiot. Video inside.

Only two years ago, Stewart had declared that MSNBC was the new Fox News.

Jon Stewart declared MSNBC the new Fox News Monday night on "The Daily Show," saying MSNBC has stepped up to be "the mouthpiece of this new administration."

Obama rolled out his first major speech of the 2010 campaign season on Labor Day. All of the networks said noticed the president was in campaign mode.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews called the speech a "humdinger." Bob Shrum observed, "He got his voice back" and Arianna Huffington said, "This is definitely the best speech we've gotten from him since he's been in the White House."

But pundits at the network went on to say, "but as you know one speech does not change the narrative." And "there's a gap between what the president says and does, that's a huge risk for him."

"Did you know nothing of your obligation to shape the news towards your desired electoral goal?" asked Stewart.

Fox News' Sean Hannity showed how using a partial clip can help make his point. Hannity played a short clip of Obama that simply said, "Taxes are scheduled to go up substantially next year for everybody."

But the full clip had a different meaning. "Under the tax plan passed by the last administration, taxes are scheduled to go up substantially next year for everybody. By the way, this was by design," said Obama.

Stewart explained where MSNBC has gone wrong "See? MSNBC, amateurs, starting clips later and cutting them off before the speaker finished the thoughts' full construction can be a useful tool in helping your audience understand what you want them to think," he said.

"It's a fun and easy way to make people you disagree with say things that make them unelectable," said Stewart.

Newser observed:

If Fox has taught us anything it's this: "You pick your narrative and you stick with it," no matter what. If the news doesn't fit your narrative? "Change your f**king news!"


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