Countdown: Sarah Palin's 'Death Panels' Are Back

From Countdown, Sarah Palin does some history revisionism and brings back the death panels. It seems having the first version named the Lie of the Year hasn't stopped her from doubling down on it.

As Media Matters pointed out, Sister Sarah is not alone--Conservative media revive "death panels" yet again with new, false target:

The conservative media are now labeling the Independent Medicare Advisory Board created by the Senate health care reform bill a "death panel," even though the board is explicitly prohibited from "modify[ing] eligibility," "restrict[ing] benefits," or "ration[ing] health care" and its recommendations can be overridden by Congress. In falsely declaring the existence of "death panels," right-wing media figures have previously pointed to the House bill's end-of-life counseling provision, out-of-context statements by Obama administration adviser Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, general "rationing" purportedly instituted by the legislation, and nonbinding mammogram guidelines.

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