June 15, 2016

Former RNC staffer and Carly Fiorina flack Sarah Isgur Flores popped up on Lawrence O'Donnell's show to criticize Democrats for their very long filibuster (still ongoing as of this writing) to try and force the Senate Republican majority to allow votes on the gun safety bills gathering dust on the Senate floor.

It was, to put it mildly, a clusterfck of the highest degree. Right out of the gate, she lied about a video clip Lawrence O'Donnell played right there on the show, saying, "It's ironic for Hillary Clinton to say that just because the FBI is investigating you that you're guilty and should have your Constitutional rights stripped."

As you can see for yourself, and as Lawrence pointed out, Clinton said nothing of the kind. Undeterred, she tried again, rephrasing slightly to point out that Clinton herself is under "criminal FBI investigation" and isn't losing any of her rights, so why should she want to take away others' rights?

The FBI recently confirmed that they do not expect to find any criminal wrongdoing on Clinton's part, but that doesn't deter paid flack liars like Isgur Flores, does it?

Keep in mind, this is supposed to be a discussion about suspected terrorists buying guns. So what happened next?

She turned it into a discussion about abortion. Because of course she did.

After 49 people were killed and another 53 injured early Sunday morning, this woman has the nerve to trot out bullsh*t talking points about 20-week old fetuses and constitutional rights! What is the matter with her?

Also, mental health and the ever-present "Islamic extremism." Sigh.

The other guest on the show had some good points and perspective. The votes the Senators are filibustering for are small, tiny cracks in the wall. They're not big. They don't ban the evil AR-15, or similar weapons. Background checks and a halt on sale of guns to people listed on the terror list.

Do me a favor, Lawrence, and scratch this woman off your booking list. She can't stay on topic, she has zero empathy, and probably got a nice bonus check from the NRA.


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