Debra Saunders Compares Harry Reid Tweaking Romney On Tax Returns To Bachmann's HPV Virus Insanity


The last time I payed any attention to the San Francisco Chronicle's Debra Saunders was back in January of last year, when she was helping Howard Kurtz carry water for Sarah Palin and her crosshairs map just after the shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. This week on Reliable Sources, she decided to play the false equivalency game with Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Sorry Debra, but Harry Reid tweaking Mitt Romney about his tax returns and playing some hardball politics is not the same as Michele Bachmann's insanity and her comments about the HPV virus supposedly causing a woman's daughter to suffer mental retardation.

And Bill Press is right, there is one person who can clear this up and it's not Harry Reid. It's Mitt Romney and the media should be asking why he's only released one year of his tax returns so far.


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