Eric Cantor Feigns Ignorance When Asked About Dishonest Romney Jeep Ad


After Meet the Press host David Gregory asks House Majority Eric Cantor about Mitt Romney's dishonest ad where he claims that Jeep is planning on sending American jobs over to China, when Romney himself believes it's a good business model "to outsource in order to make companies competitive," Cantor initially tries to hedge and claims Romney would be the one who would care about plants opening here in America. He also cites an endorsement by Lee Iacocca as some sort of proof that he cares about these things and wants to get the economy back on track.

When Gregory tries to pin him down and asks him if the ad is deceptive, Cantor pulls the "I havent' seen the ad" dodge and tells Gregory it's not running in Virginia. He then goes on to attack President Obama as not being willing to work across the aisle, because we all know Mr. 800-Plus Vetoes Romney would be much more willing to reach across the aisle if he's elected.

And naturally we got no follow up or push back from David Gregory on any of that. If it's Sunday, it's meet the Republicans and their unfettered talking points. I'm wondering, if Cantor was telling the truth about not seeing the ad, why is he being sent out there as a surrogate for Mitt Romney? I don't believe for one minute he hasn't either seen it, or read about what's in it though. Yeah, he has no idea what's in it, but he knows it hasn't aired in his state yet.


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