Jon Stewart Takes A Frightening Look At Mitt Romney And His Ultra-Wealthy Campaign Donors


Jon Stewart took a pretty frightening look at what the Citizens United ruling from the Supreme Court has brought us and the obscene amount of fundraising that went on over just the last weekend for Mitt Romney. There was their event out in Utah that Karoli mentioned here, and a San Diego fundraiser with the Koch brothers.

Stewart joked about one of the Obama campaign's efforts to combat this, which is asking donors to make donations instead of wedding gifts. Sadly I've got to agree with his sentiment that something else needs to be done about this money pouring in, or we're f**ked. Sadly, jokes aside, the Obama campaign is not going to be able to rely on wedding money to combat what Romney is going to raise.

I'm not all that worried about the ads or robo-calls or direct mailings that a lot of this money is going to pay for when it comes to the presidential race, because frankly I think they've got diminishing returns when it comes to a race everyone is paying attention to. All they do is irritate me and cause me to hit the fast forward or mute button on my remote and the mailers are just more trash for the recycle bin. And with caller ID, if I don't recognize the number or name of who is calling me, the voice mail can pick up the call.

What worries me more is small markets and Congressional races where the money they're going to spend can make a difference. That and the voter suppression and not trusting these electronic voting machines.

If the Democrats actually cared about preventing elections from being stolen from them they'd push to make voting mandatory, make sure all felons or ex-felons can vote, force every state to give voters at least two weeks to get to the polls to vote, pass a national voting rights act with severe criminal mandatory sentences for violating it, and get rid of every electronic voting machine in this country that does not have a paper trail and that is not properly audited to make sure the vote count is not rigged in any polling place in the United States.


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