July 14, 2010

Good grief. Sorry guys, but the country would be better off if it were "sanitized" rather than "Hannitized" from the likes of both of you. Sean Hannity asks Karl Rove who he thinks might run in 2012 for president and after Hannity kisses Rove's butt by saying he might think about running, Rove returns the favor. I'd welcome either of these two actually throwing their name in the hat even more than Miss-Quitter-Half-Term-Governor Palin to assure the GOP doesn't get another four years to trash this country as horribly as they did under Bush.

I've got my issues with the Dems who we're working to clean up at this and other progressive blogs through the primary system, but that doesn't mean I want the wrecking crew back in charge. The thought of either of them actually throwing their name into the hat is laughable.

About all I have to say to Hannity and Rove is bring it on boys! If either of you would decide to run we've got enough material just here at Crooks and Liars and in my own video archives to give the Democrats free campaign ads for the next few years and then some. And that's not taking into account all the footage Media Matters and some other liberal blogs have. In the mean time feel free to keep deluding each other with your mutual ass kissing. And note to Sean Hannity, no matter how many times you say it doesn't make it true, Obama is not a "leftist". I wish to hell he was.

Hannity: Here’s a question that I’m sure you get asked as often as I do. I’m focused on 112 days from now because I think this is one of the most important midterms in our lifetime in terms of are we going to change direction or stop the move towards radicalism, leftism, socialism, stateism, use whatever term you want.

Here’s the question I get asked often. Who do you think is going to run in 2012 against the President? It was interesting. If you look at this poll, most people, 51% the Republicans to run Congress as a check against Barack Obama.

Can we read deeply into that and think well maybe Americans really still like divided government, a point that George Will has often made?

Rove: Yeah. I do think there’s a general inclination on the part of the American people to believe that since they don’t trust either party that it’s better to divide the power. On the other hand we tend to over time elect you know, we elected a Republican president and kept a Republican Congress for six years in this presidency. You know we’ve had a long tenor of time, you know, Jimmie Carter and the Democratic Congress, Democratic Senate. So I think it’s a little more sophisticated than that.

I also think people are focused on the here and now. I don’t think they’re thinking about 2012. There’s an appetite for change….

Hannity: Who do you think’s going to run? That’s what they want to know.

Rove: Well I could tell you who could run.

Hannity: Who’s going to win?

Rove: I just don’t know who’s going to be the Republican nominee. Yeah, the way it looks. Look, we’ve got several geological agents that are going to pass before we can decide that.

Hannity: Alright. I’m thinking you might want to get in the race. I don’t know.

Rove: I don’t know. I’m going for Hannity. I’m going for… the country would be better off if it was Hannitized.

Hannity: And you’re going to… you would vote for me and run my campaign?

Rove: If you ran.

Hannity: Okay.

Rove: Might well do that.

h/t Media Matters and to their staff for watching Fox so I don't have to get ill doing so. I can only take their B.S. in small doses or I'll wind up like Jon Stewart's staff.

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