LA Gov. Bobby Jindal Attacks President Obama For 'Going The European Way'


This is the kind of fact free claptrap that passes for political commentary on Fox every day of the week. From this Thursday's Your World with Neil Cavuto, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal joined Cavuto's show to critique President Obama's speech in Cleveland, Ohio this Thursday.

Naturally we had Jindal running through the list of typical Republican talking points about all the evils of "big gubmint" and how we're going to end up like those evil Socialists over in Europe and the public sector just needs to "get out of the way" and allow the private sector to unleash all of that awesome job creating they're going to do if they were just free from those over burdensome regulations and taxes they're having to pay.

Never mind that they had eight years under Bush which proved those theories aren't true. And now of course you're not supposed to be allowed to talk about that, because we can't have anyone daring to ask the voters to do something like remember their recent history over the last decade. That would just be terribly irresponsible.

Note to Bobby Jindal: until Republicans take some different economic stances than they have under Bush, or most of their candidates and leaders for the last half century or so, it's going to be fair game to run against those policies. It's only too late if your party has actually changed those policies, or stances, which they have not.

Here's how Fox's blog, Fox News Insider, characterized the interview: Bobby Jindal: It Sounds Like President Obama Is Trying to Run Against President Bush; He’s 8 Years Too Late:

Jindal described Obama’s remarks as “disappointing,” because he talked about the need for even more government spending in America. “What it shows is President Obama continues to believe that government is the source of our prosperity; he couldn’t be more wrong,” he added.

He pointed out the one thing he thought the president said that was right was when he said that this election is only about two clear choices. “We can either go the European way or the American way. We can either grow the government or grow the private sector.”

“He literally can’t ask people ‘Are you better off than you were four years ago?’” Jindal said. “So, instead of talking about his record, instead he has to attack Governor Romney and instead he has to try and distract us with his class warfare.”

Cavuto couldn't be bothered to point out that these days, the "European way" means a whole lot of painful austerity measures; the same kind which are being pushed by his party and their presidential candidate Mitt Romney. And in case anyone hasn't noticed, that's not working out so well over there right now.

Jindal also seems to think that government spending and private sector spending are mutually exclusive, as though the government spending when the economy is otherwise stagnant doesn't help the private sector as well, or at least he pretended to here. I've already noted here at C&L, Jindal was more than happy to take credit for that government stimulus spending back in 2009, but wasn't willing to admit President Obama's policies were responsible for his state's recovery back then either. I guess we can at least give him an "A" for being consistent about sticking to his same lies a few years later.

Jindal was still being touted as a potential presidential contender himself until he gave his zombie-like performance after President Obama's State of the Union back in 2009. It seems he's brushed up his act on television a bit since then, but he's no less dishonest. And now he's supposedly on the short list for a spot as the vice presidential candidate on a Romney ticket.

Given Mittens' propensity to lie non-stop every time his mouth is opened, I'd say Jindal would fit right in.


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