Lawrence O'Donnell Hits Mitt Romney For His Magical 'Job Machine'


Lawrence O'Donnell was, to put it mildly, not impressed with Mitt Romney's speech he gave this Tuesday and his, as O'Donnell put it, science fiction imaginings, of a "job machine." O'Donnell didn't pull any punches as to why Romney claiming that he would get his so-called ideas for job creation passed on "day one" was an absolutely ridiculous assertion, since he's not going to get anything passed without the help of the Congress, who's not going to be voting on anything the first day he's in office if he was to be elected our next president.

And as he noted, Romney's big idea for job creation in the United States that he gave just ahead of President Obama's speech on the same matter, is of course just more of the same and more tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations who don't need them.

O'Donnell followed up on his analysis of Romney with Robert Reich who blasted Romney's assertion that more tax cuts are needed for corporations who are already sitting on hordes of cash and who are making money by cutting U.S. payrolls and sending jobs overseas, and that rewarding companies for that sort of behavior is not exactly anyone's definition of a “job machine" for the United States,

They also discussed Romney's proposal to give corporations a tax break for repatriation of their income and the fact that the last time the United States did this, corporations didn't use that money to create any jobs in the United States and that if we do it again and reward them for hiding their money overseas, it just encourages more of the same bad behavior.

As Reich pointed out, the rest of us, real people, are actually expected to pay our taxes and are not given any breaks and heaven forbid if you give anyone on welfare or unemployment insurance any help, you're encouraging bad behavior by those individuals and they'll take it and won't work and will be irresponsible in GOP world. As he noted, Republicans while attacking average citizens for taking so-called handouts, are more than willing to trust corporations if they're given some corporate welfare instead. Lord knows they've got to have their priorities in place with who they're looking out for.

As I wrote about last month, Matt Taibbi went on Olbermann's show and pointed out why allowing corporations to have that corporate tax holiday is a really bad idea as well, and credit to O'Donnell and Reich, they hit on a good deal of the same points Taibbi made in his article at Rolling Stone during this segment.

Reich's interview with O'Donnell below the fold.


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