Mrs. Greenspan Gives Bush's Baghdad Bob, Dan Senor Time To Pretend He's Credible On Foreign Policy


It would really be nice to turn on the television one of these days and know that I'm not going to be subjected to another one of these Bush, neocon warmongers being allowed to come on the air and pretend they have an ounce of credibility on the issue of foreign policy. Sadly, I assume that day is never going to come until they all die off from old age. Here we go again with another anchor on MSNBC giving Dan Senor, the world's worst salesman of Bush's failed invasion and occupation of Iraq, face time to beat the war drums and complain that the Obama administration isn't being sufficiently hawkish with threatening Iran.

Romney adviser: 'Nothing new' in Obama's UN speech:

A senior adviser to Mitt Romney's presidential campaign said Tuesday there was "nothing new" in President Obama's address to the United Nations, where he called for an end to the "violence and intolerance" surrounding attacks on American diplomatic missions and said the United States will prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

"It's a version of what he said before," said Romney adviser Dan Senor, adding there was "nothing new" in the president's remarks. [...]

"There is no progress. There is a sense that there's an unraveling going on abroad, and the president citing these doesn't mean we're making progress," Senor added.

The Romney adviser also defended the Republican nominee from those who questioned his statements critical of the Obama administration response to the violent protests at American diplomatic missions in the Middle East.

"I think the reaction to his reaction was disproportionate," Senor said. "At the end of the day he criticized a statement that came out of the administration, that the White House ultimately distanced themselves from."

The Obama administration has pushed back on Romney challenges to the president's foreign policy, accusing the Republican of bluster, especially in regard to Iran. Obama has previously challenged Romney to say explicitly if he believes war should be waged against Iran, a point on which Senor was challenged.

"Gov. Romney has not advocated military action and any suggestion that he has by the president or his surrogates is a mischaracterization," Senor said. "What Gov. Romney's concern is, is a weak posture in the region makes war more likely."

Yeah, as opposed to Mitt Romney listening to the likes of Dan Senor should he be elected president. Senor, and MSNBC's producers for that matter, who keep booking him on these shows, apparently believe the American people are completely incapable of recalling anything that happened more than four years ago. They're sure doing their best to pretend that the Bush administration and their disastrous invasion of Iraq never happened during segments like this one.

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