Nicolle Wallace Calls Voter Suppression Cynical And Inaccurate


From this Monday's Now with Alex Wagner on MSNBC, former Bush and McCain adviser, Nicolle Wallace was asked about Jeb Bush's recent statement that "both Ronald Reagan and his father George H. W. Bush would have had a difficult time getting nominated by today's ultra-conservative Republican Party."

Rather than give a straight answer, she punted, proceeded to spout some of their typical nonsense about who's for or against "big government," touting what Bush did to our public education system as "reform" and praising the prescription drug giveaway to big pharma as some great achievement for seniors. And then out of the blue, she made the claim that it's just terribly cynical and inaccurate to claim that Republicans will have to suppress the vote in order to win the next election.

If she or any of her fellow Republicans actually believe that, then why do they keep doing just that? Alex Wagner's show on MSNBC is nearly as bad as Morning Joe or Andrea Mitchell's show. Lots of right wing talking points like this one are spread on there daily, usually with little or no push back. Wallace didn't get any during this show and no one bothered to point out to her that her former boss, stole a couple of elections by suppressing the vote and caging voters in Florida and Ohio among other states. And they're going to keep doing it until somebody finally puts a stop to it.

It's amazing to me that after we're seeing Florida's Governor Rick Scott just be completely brazen where he doesn't even care if everyone knows what he's doing with purging his voting rolls, this woman can come on the air and make the statements she did with a straight face. If there's anyone who knows a thing or two about being cynical, I'd say it's Nicolle Wallace. But then you'd have to be to work for the likes of George W. Bush or John McCain for that matter.

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