O'Donnell: Romney Might Want To Know More About 'America The Beautiful' Before Reciting It


In his Rewrite segment on this Thursday evening's Last Word, Lawrence O'Donnell suggested Mitt Romney might want to find out more about the song "America the Beautiful", its lyrics and songwriter Katharine Lee Bates before he quotes it on the campaign trail again.

After attacking President Obama for his use of the teleprompter, apparently Mitt Romney has been trying to avoid them on the campaign trail and as O'Donnell noted, "when Romney tries to sound like he's speaking from the heart, he relies on a semi-memorized version of America the Beautiful."

And as O'Donnell pointed out, the poem which was later put to music that Romney pretends to love so much has verses that none of us remember such as this one:

America! America!
God mend thine every flaw,
Confirm thy soul in self-control,
Thy liberty in law!

O'Donnell noted that Mitt Romney, in his attempt to appeal to some of the Libertarians and Ron Paul voters in the Republican base this year, pretends that our laws are robbing us of our liberty, and songwriter Bates might have been a Republican, but she would not have been a Romney Republican. I wouldn't restrict that just to Romney, but I don't disagree that anyone who was a Republican ages ago might not recognize their party now and how far its fallen off the right wing crazy train these days. Romney's moved so far to the right during this primary race that I'm really curious how severely he's going to try to boomerang back over to the so-called "center" if he does eventually win the primary, which I suspect he will since he's the one with all of the big money behind him.

I also agree with O'Donnell on how stiff Romney is on the campaign trail and the reason his handlers really don't want him going off script too often, or the results are the type he showed us in the beginning of the segment above. He's a member of the 1 percent and doesn't have a clue what life is like for most Americans and it shows... to put it mildly.

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