Papantonio And Holland On What 'Shared Sacrifice' Means To A Republican

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From Ring of Fire Radio -- Papantonio: What "Shared Sacrifice" Means To A Republican:

There's been a lot of talk recently about so-called "shared sacrifice." Politicians from both the left and the right have said that everyone will need to make sacrifices until we can get our economy back on track. The only problem is that the Wall Street billionaires who caused our economic collapse are not having to sacrifice anything, while working class families continue to struggle to put food on the table.

And here's Holland's column over at AlterNet from last month that they discussed during the interview -- Yet Another Wall Street Billionaire Asks Working Americans to Sacrifice -- Why Do the Media Still Listen to These Guys?:

Working America has sacrificed a great deal in the last 40 years, yet wealthy Wall St. CEOs keep asking for more.

Working America has sacrificed a great deal in the last 40 years: its share of the national income, its economic security and the dignity that comes with decent health and retirement benefits. Those at the top of the pile have sacrificed nothing – they're grabbing more income and paying less in taxes today than they did during the mid-century boom years. Yet, we are being asked by those very elites for “shared sacrifice.” The question is, how much “sacrifice” the little guy has to make before the big boys start sharing it.

It's clear to see how the toxic ideology of Ayn Rand has permeated our political culture, all the way up to America's well-heeled elites. Whereas the wealthy were once viewed with some scorn as the idle rich, children of privilege who know little about life in the real world, they now claim to have been imbued with innate, almost super-human intelligence and they offer their wealth to prove it. Those claims go largely unchallenged.

But if you look at the discourse proffered by these feral elites, it's clear that a wingnut with a lot of money is no more rational than the "get a brain, morans" guy of viral fame. Just this week, Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, called new banking regulations “un-American.” What did he mean? Who knows? It's a facile talking point. Read on...

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