Someone Needs To Tell Fox's Mike Emanuel What The Definition Of 'Class Warfare' Is


While discussing how things are going on the "negotiations" with raising the debt ceiling Neil Cavuto fill-in Chris Cotter brought in someone who I assume is supposed to be one of Fox's "news reporters", Mike Emanuel, and not someone they would admit is an opinion commentator, and it seems he's got a pretty messed idea about just what "class warfare" entails. Apparently in his world, it's daring to call out a party for participating in it.

COTTER: I have to tell you Mike, from cool to cold, right over your shoulder there at the White House, they've toughened their language in recent days haven't they? What are they saying about this August 2nd deadline in the negotiations on both sides?

EMANUEL: Well we heard it from President Obama last Wednesday when he did a news conference and may have lectured or scolded some members of Congress to get their work done. Then the Vice President's been out a couple of times speaking to friendly audiences. Just yesterday in Chicago talking to the National Education Association and again did a little class warfare in terms of saying the Republicans are only out to help the rich. Here's more from the Vice President.

Note to Emanuel, pointing out someone engaging in class warfare is not waging class warfare. There's a difference. Apparently he's hoping that the viewers of their network don't have enough sense to recognize this and sadly if you watch them for any other reason than to debunk or mock what goes on their airways, he and the producers of this show who put him on the air in the first place to spout this nonsense are probably right with that assumption.

There is class warfare going on in America right now and it's the rich who are winning it.


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