Stewart Tears Into The 'Denizens Of Bullsh*t Mountain' For Benghazi Fearmongering


Jon Stewart ripped into Fox "News" and their continued hyping of the trumped up Benghazi "scandal" which they've been promising over and over is about to "have the lid blown off a giant coverup" at any moment now since the attacks first happened.

Stewart took his viewers back through some of Fox's coverage for the last few months now, whether it was the Greta hyping the Petraeus testimony, or Hannity ranting about the Clinton testimony, to Lindsey Graham promising that the hearing this week was "going to make you mad" and if not, well, they'll just keep having more of them until you are.

Stewart reminded his viewers that this Congress has had nine full hearings on Benghazi, but during the Bush administration there were fifty four attacks on diplomatic targets that killed thirteen Americans, but Congress only held three hearings total on embassy security back then with zero of the outrage we're seeing from Republicans now.

After asking what made things different this time around, Stewart went through the recent list of items that the wingnuts on the right believe are "worse than Watergate" and crazy GOP Rep. Steve King's remarks that Benghazi is "Watergate and Iran Contra together" and "multiplied by ten." Stewart put into perspective just what King was comparing the so-called Benghazi "coverup" to and asked, just what did President Obama do that Republicans believe is worse than some of Nixon and Reagan's worst scandals combined.

Cue Ralph Peters on Fox accusing President Obama of "sacrificing American lives for politics" to which Stewart responded, "outrage justified"... unless of course, that's not what actually happened. Stewart wrapped things up by explaining just why most of the country doesn't take the "denizens of bullsh*t mountain" and their history of hysteria when it comes the Obama administration too seriously and reminded Republicans about the fact that the outrage could be turned right back on them when it comes to how seriously they actually take the security at our embassies after they voted to cut the funding for just that.


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