Steve King: Republicans Secretly Back His Remarks About Immigrants


Wingnut Iowa Rep. Steve King, or as Stephen Colbert calls him, the GOP's secret weapon to appeal to immigrants, just can't seem to shut his mouth with the hyperbolic insults on the topic of immigration as we've seen demonstrated here, and here, and here and here, despite the GOP leadership finally having a belly full of him.

This Saturday on Faux "News" he let everyone know he wasn't done with the insults yet, regardless of what his leadership thinks. Steve King: In Private, Republicans Actually Agree With My ‘Cantaloupe-Sized Calves’ Comments:

A growing number of Republicans are publicly distancing themselves from Rep. Steve King’s (R-IA) claim that many undocumented youths are drug mules with cantaloupe-sized calves, but the conservative congressman claims that GOP lawmakers are backing him in private.

During an appearance on Fox News on Saturday, King said that Republicans are in fact standing by him, but are afraid to publicly support him for fear of sparking outrage and losing their legislative leverage.

“My colleagues are standing by me. They come up to me constantly and talk to me and say, you’re right, I know you’re right,” King said. “Is the description such that they have to go out to the press and do a press conference or can they come and tell me, I know you’re right, I support you? They can do that privately,” he said:

KING: You know, they have a lot at stake here. There is a leverage within the House of Representatives and they all need to be concerned about their own leverage, so I’m not asking them to step forward, I wouldn’t ask them to step forward. I don’t want them to take repercussions.

King reiterated that he has seen and heard undocumented youths with cantaloupe-sized calves cross the border and even confirmed those details with border patrol agents since his remarks attracted controversy. “I got a call from [border patrol] yesterday and I said, do I need to come back down and refresh myself? They said ‘no, you’re spot on with what you’re saying but maybe you got the weight ten pounds up,’” he said.

Here's to hoping Steve King becomes the face of immigration policy for the GOP. They built this... now let's see them live with the fruits of their race baiting and catering to the worst instincts of their xenophobic base.


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