Karl Rove And Dick Morris Benched By Roger Ailes & Fox News

It appears that two of Fox News' biggest Republican shills are being benched for the near future after embarrassing themselves and the network over their roles as Romney-denial pollsters.

NY Mag has the story:

The post-election soul searching going on inside the Republican Party is taking place inside Fox News as well. Fox News chief Roger Ailes, a canny marketer and protector of his network’s brand, has been taking steps since November to reposition Fox in the post-election media environment, freshening story lines — and in some cases, changing the characters. According to multiple Fox sources, Ailes has issued a new directive to his staff: He wants the faces associated with the election off the air — for now. For Karl Rove and Dick Morris — a pair of pundits perhaps most closely aligned with Fox’s anti-Obama campaign — Ailes’s orders mean new rules. Ailes’s deputy, Fox News programming chief Bill Shine, has sent out orders mandating that producers must get permission before booking Rove or Morris. Both pundits made several appearances in the days after the election, but their visibility on the network has dropped markedly. Inside Fox News, Morris’s Romney boosterism and reality-denying predictions became a punch line.


Multiple sources say that Ailes was angry at Rove’s election-night tantrum when he disputed the network’s call for Obama. While the moment made for riveting television — it was Ailes’s decision to have Kelly confront the statisticians on air — in the end, it provided another data point for Fox’s critics.

At last some pundit fallout for a change, even if it will be short-lived. Rove should never be allowed on TV as a pundit if he's going to continue to raise 300 million dollars for the GOP cause, and Morris is always wrong. These two guys might have been the worst of the worst, but there were plenty of other Republican pinheads who were trying to discredit all the national polls that had Obama ahead and others who also predicted a big Romney win. Should they face a similar fate?

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