Andrew Sullivan: 'I Never Understood The Power Of A President's Words Till That Day'


Andrew Sullivan articulates beautifully what it means to have the President of the United States say there is no difference between the two of them, that they are equals, that Sullivan and by extension, the LGBT community as a whole, are not outsiders.

I had someone ask me via email this week how I could possibly defend President Obama's Christianity in light of his endorsement of marriage equality. The exact questions were:

Can you reconcile, using scripture, Christianity with same sex marriage? This is not an issue on which a Christian can ride the fence because God calls unnatural affections an abomination. What do you say?

My answer is that I absolutely can reconcile it with Scripture. As Stephen Colbert highlighted this week, the Bible says nothing about marriage equality. It does have plenty to say about what we're supposed to be doing, but says nothing about passing judgment on our brothers and excluding them or hurting them based on our differences. It says nothing about barring people from access or shoving them into an exclusionary category, but does say that as far as it is possible, to live in peace with one another, to love one another, to treat others as I want to be treated and to care for the least among us as if they were our brothers and sisters.

Andrew Sullivan's moving answer to Chris Matthews' question just affirms that for me. I'd like to think I spent my time on this planet doing good for others, not pushing them into categories that stigmatize and exclude them.


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