If there is any snippet of video that might actually expose you Republicans for the evil, cynical, human-hating species that you are, this might be it. Steve Bannon from Citizens United actually sits there wide-eyed and admits that the purpose
August 28, 2012

If there is any snippet of video that might actually expose you Republicans for the evil, cynical, human-hating species that you are, this might be it. Steve Bannon from Citizens United actually sits there wide-eyed and admits that the purpose of his movie is to take disillusioned Obama supporters and use them to defeat Barack Obama while at the same time being appalled that anyone would think it's an anti-Obama movie. Please.

You lizards think we're all idiots. With every day that passes, you play the public with Orwellian tropes because you don't have anything to actually back up your claims. In your world, all that needs to happen is for you to tell the world up is down, truth is fiction, fact is a lie, and we will simply forego the reality checks in order to allow you to get away with it.

Not only do you think we're stupid, you hate us. You think we're another barrier to cross in order to serve your billionaires, but that's about it. Your goal is to keep your woman-black-Latino-hater base one step away from rebellion, while stoking their most primitive human emotions in order to win. Your goal is never actually about public service. It's only about winning, and you're counting on stupidity and hate to let you do it.

Take, for example, the millions spent on a feature-length film intended to smear and "other" President Obama, produced and promoted by Dinesh D'Souza with billionaire backing from god-knows where and distribution via Mormon film distributors. Nothing intentional about that, is there?

Or the promise by the billionaires to spend a billion dollars on this election?

Or, when you realize you've lost just about everyone in the nation, the cynical effort to fall back on old, dangerous racial themes, no matter what the cost? So what if four active and ex-military lunatics spent $87,000 to stockpile weapons and bombs as part of their anti-government paranoia? It's not your fault, right? Money is speech. More money is more speech. Or so you say. Let us pause a moment to worship the almighty dollar.

Or perhaps your public trashing of Todd Akin while turning your delicate little heads while Paul Ryan and Tom Smith say the exact same thing? Did you think people wouldn't notice? Of course you did.

Or maybe John Boehner claiming Democrats declared the war on women while embracing the maleness of your party?

Or maybe the incessant hue and cry of your media arm, Fox News, about who built what while ignoring facts about who really built things?

Or maybe the fact that you've nominated a guy who not only invested in, but also actually promoted and created arrangements that were nothing more than pyramid schemes to strip companies of assets, lay off employees, and ultimately pile up mountains of debt financed by bankers here and abroad. And what happened to that pyramid scheme? It collapsed, remember? It collapsed and tanked the whole economy, and still rocks the international economy.

Yes, you nominated That Guy, the one who made his wealth by stripping it out of others' grasp, and who thinks nothing of avoiding taxes by implementing offshore schemes and moving money out of this country as a "wealth preservation measure."

Not only is your party the party of soulless fools, you also subscribe to the Scorched Earth society. "Winning" is all that matters to you people and you're perfectly willing to win by destroying the country in the process.

Deny climate change? Fine with you, you'll just build bunkers against the weather and cluck when everyone else dies in hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts and other weather disasters. Drill baby, drill, damn the climate, full speed ahead.

Stoke up the racial hate? That's cool with you. A second Civil War in this country fought with real guns killing real people means you'll actually make some money on the deal. The NRA applauds your efforts, as do the various patriot and militia groups. They've been practicing for years. Yes, they called them re-enactments, but they're ready to fight the whole Civil War again right here, right now, and this time they're going to want to win. If they can't do it at the ballot box, they'll just take the ballots away and start shooting people because that's how much you have made them want to win.

Voting rights don't matter much if you take them away and then take away everything else too. So you figure hey, what the hell, let's spill as much race bait as we can into public discourse, let's ramp it up again, mobilize everyone from the John Birch Society to the Family Research Council and to prove we're not just haters of color, we'll hate women and we'll hate children (but only after they're born) and we'll elevate the Mormon Church so we can pour on the gay hate too, because everyone knows they're the leaders on the gay hate thing.

Because you hate women and poor children and gays and everyone who isn't an old white guy with a lust for forcing women to bear their children whether they want to or not (regardless of color, too -- rape is colorblind to you people), you think it's just fine to say the things that haven't been said for thirty years. Not because you actually believe them as much as you understand that you need them to win and win big. Equal opportunity hate, I guess. But hate is still hate.

All of these things you do while standing before the American people wide-eyed and playing it pure, with your claims of love of country, the flag, Mom and apple pie as if we're stupid enough to sit there and buy it because you said it.

We're supposed to forget that in 2010 you elected your idiocrats by claiming "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!" and then went to Congress and voted over thirty times to ban abortion. Jobs bills? Oh hell, no. No jobs bills, because then your guy might lose the election in 2012. No, it just wouldn't be right for you to do that while you can sit back and use loaded terms like "food stamp President" and claim the stimulus didn't work even as the economy in your districts improved because of the stimulus.

We're supposed to forget who it was who was ready to drive this country off the cliff rather than vote for a simple increase in the debt ceiling, because your idiot freshmen tea party types (along with a few veterans) don't understand the difference between paying bills for expenses already incurred and incurring new expenses. You stood in your elected offices and put the full faith and credit of this nation at risk, and you did so knowingly, with your only intention being Barack Obama's defeat. How utterly patriotic of you.

Let's not forget the welfare lies. Yup, you're not content to actually lie about everything and leave welfare out, and why would you. It's the absolute perfect issue to stoke up white resentment. DAMN those welfare queens, now they don't even have to work. Hell, it doesn't have to be true for you to use it. Even Mormons can ignore their religious tenets if the Presidency is at stake. So you lie about welfare because it's the perfect nexus of the economy and white hate, and you march off to church on Sunday and get down on your knees and thank God you're not like those people.

You, the collective group known as today's Republican party, are the ugliest underbelly of our American experiment. You are the British aristocracy, crawled over to the New World to conquer it 250 years later. You are students of Stalin and Soviet-style mind control, and you do this by accusing your opponents of the very thing you are doing. Projection, yes. Also, a favored technique of the KGB and the CIA, to stir dissent and dissatisfaction among the populace in order to stoke fear. Fear seeking authoritarian intervention riding in on a dressage horse.

We aren't as stupid as you think. We see what you're doing here, and when the dust settles in November, 2012, you will be marginalized and irrelevant, no matter how much the billionaires spend.

When that happens, I will laugh at your "conservatism." You will have spent more than the annual budget for welfare spending in this country to lose, and for that, you deserve all the ridicule we can pile on. Not only that, you've wasted it on stupid people, criminals, and a lost cause. Oh, and you should and will pay more taxes, too.

We understand that for you Republicans, money is everything. It's speech, love, compassion (or lack thereof), power and control. We get that. And we, the people, are about to tell you that it isn't everything. You won't get it. But we will.

Can you help us out?

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