Gretchen Carlson Walks Off Set After Sexist Remark By Co-Host

All three co-hosts of Fox and Friends are fools, but some are bigger fools than others, as Brian Kilmeade proved with his little "joke" about how "women are everywhere." Um, Brian. Duh. Still, I'm not sure whether or not Gretchen Carlson was actually angry when she walked off the set, but what came next should have made her angrier.

After she leaves, telling Kilmeade he can read the headlines himself, Kilmeade remarks that Carlson "needs a shower." Just what does that mean exactly? When you figure it out, let me know.

If Carlson had been serious about walking off, she would have put on her jacket and left the building completely, but instead, she came back after a commercial break to read a "chick story" that wasn't especially a chick story as much as it was outrage at the misuse of a George W. Bush mask on HBO's Game of Thrones. And true to "chick form," she sat down for a nice softball interview with Bristol Palin later on in the show.

So was Carlson truly offended? Who knows. Was Kilmeade truly a pig? Yes. But as one commenter on the ThinkProgress post noted:

She's complaining about sexism and works in Fox News? That's like complaining about the smell of manure and working on a farm.

Well, maybe that's extreme. But that piggish Kilmeade attitude toward women is pervasive in conservative circles. Here are a couple of other news stories from today that show how men in the Republican party regard women.

First we have two female Democrats in the Republican-dominated Michigan legislature who were banned from speaking because they sought to counter the egregious attack on women by the Michigan legislators with an amendment banning vasectomies. Way to smack the little ladies down there, boys. Michigan's state legislature has gone crazy, and they deserve their own post.

Over in Arizona, the GOP boys think any criticism from women is nothing more than a "bitch session."

It's always good to know how they really feel. Carlson could have and should have just kept walking.


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