Jack Abramoff Due To Be Released From Prison

Via Raw Story:

And as soon as this week, or next, Abramoff will he on his way out the doors of a federal prison and into a halfway house, where he will reside until he's formally released.

I'm still amazed at what he got away with and how light a sentence he received, because I'm idealistic enough to think somehow, somewhere, justice should be done. After his 3 1/2 years in prison, he will go to a halfway house, then he will go home to his wife and children. He may be disgraced, but I doubt he is repentant.

Caution: Rant ahead

He will probably write a book and recover enough money to allow him to travel in the circles of days past. Perhaps not with the kind of high-rolling money that he wishes for, but with enough that he will never worry about where his next unemployment check will come from. While he may not be the influencer that he was once, he will have enough influence to move in the same circles as though nothing had ever happened, as though he hadn't bilked tribes out of millions, as though he hadn't sold Congressmen on the idea of giving oil companies and financial firms lots of legislative breaks in exchange for campaign booty.

I suggest you see Casino Jack to remind yourself of the evil this man is and represents. He should spill it all, name names, hand over receipts and affidavits and hammer all of his College Republican buddies. Maybe then I could forgive his easy payment of his "debt to society."

The truth of Abramoff is this: our democracy is inexorably weaker because of what he did and because he did not pay a fair price for his malfeasance.

More on Abramoff in the archives.


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