James O'Keefe Strikes Low Blow For Justice

James O'Keefe has a book release coming up on Tuesday and so he's dropping new video wherever he can in anticipation of it, I guess. But this one had me laughing because of the title he chose for his book chapter and the way he let his hurt feelings flow all over the 'interview' with New Hampshire Assistant Attorney General Richard Head.

O'Keefe, you may recall, scammed some poll workers in New Hampshire and in the process, committed voter fraud in order to prove there might be voter fraud happening. That made officials angry, and an investigation was launched, which seems to have hurt O'Keefe's feelings.

Never one to forgive and forget, O'Keefe grills Mr. Head about law enforcement activities undertaken in furtherance of the state investigation of him, including a search of the property where he lived and interviews with his family.

But what really has O'Keefe steamed is that Mr. Head demanded the emails Nadia Naffe had in her possession showing that O'Keefe had conspired to frame Rep. Maxine Waters and run other operations. He's definitely not happy about that, and so he ambushes Mr. Richard Head in his office.

The video is just hilarious. Trust me, I wouldn't bother except that it really is funny. First, O'Keefe offers Mr. Head a copy of his book, which is refused because its value exceeds the limit on acceptable gifts to state officials. Then he turns to the chapter he has written about his adventures with Richard Head, which he has entitled "The Rise of Richard Head."

No lie, that's the title of the chapter. Maybe a cheap shot, a low blow, but I am having trouble writing this post with a straight face because really, I'm surprised he didn't entitle it "The Rise of Dick Head". That would be much more in line with Mr. Frat Boy's attitude toward officials who object to his games, right?

Watch the video. It's funny in a pathetic kind of way.


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