Right-Wing Bullies Whine About Biden; Forget Their Guy

Oh, Breitbart's minions aren't having a very good night. You'd think they'd be running all over the place celebrating their beefcake candidate's debate, but instead they're just bashing Joe Biden for laughing at laughable things.

Screen Shot 2012-10-11 at 10.04.02 PM.png

Even Karl Rove haz a sad, and I include the most classic reply ever for your amusement:

Chris Bowers describes their delicate fee-fees thus:

Michelle Malkin is very busy calling Joe Biden names (Smirky Malarky McSmirk?) while complaining about Martha Raddatz and Biden interrupting Paulie-poo. Awwww. Pot, meet kettle.

Meanwhile, over in the "people CNN should fire but won't" side of the camp, Erick Erickson is busy blaming Martha Raddatz, who did a pretty good job of keeping the filibusters on both sides down to a minimum. I hated her question about raising the Medicare age, but otherwise she did all right.

But not to worry, because Erickson has also pronounced this debate "inconsequential." Funny how that goes.

On and on it goes. I had lots of weird sock puppet-ish accounts turn up in my twitter replies, too, denying facts right and left, claiming Joe Biden was lying (he wasn't), and the like. Ryan's online army was ready for battle, except...evidently they just weren't prepared for a laughing Biden. Really.

"The laughter certainly was not something that we expected," Mitt Romney campaign spokesman Michael Steel told Yahoo News after the debate. "On the policy front, I think it was precisely what we expected. I didn't hear any new attacks really. There were a few statistics that were more of a reach than usually, but pretty typicalof the vice president in the limited amount that we've seen him in public in the past few months."

Worst. spin. ever.

They're not talking about Ryan. They're talking about Biden. And bashing the moderator. That means we win. Sorry guys, but tonight you'll just have to cry in your pretzels and keep making excuses. Biden made mincemeat out of your guy. Live with it.

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