Romney's New Lie About The Affordable Care Act

This local interview in Iowa has apparently given Mitt Romney yet another lie to spew at his victims. This one goes something like this: President Obama is out of touch with small business needs and doesn't even understand how Obamacare is hurting them. Why look! Here's a small business that had to close one of its locations because Obamacare caused them to!

Yeah, except that's not exactly true. Greg Sargent explains:

It turns out that the company didn’t close because of Obamacare at all, according to a company spokesperson. What’s more, the company sees lack of demand as the key problem — a lack of demand that is partly due to the drive to repeal or modify Obamacare, not to the implementation of the law itself.

The company in question is called Nemschoff Chairs, and it manufactures a whole range of health care furniture for waiting rooms and so forth. Around 100 jobs are being moved out of Iowa as part of a consolidation with another plant in Wisconsin, where around 50 of those jobs will be preserved.


Schurman said that lack of demand for the product was a leading culprit. He pointed to a variety of factors that are inducing companies that buy Nemschoff’s health care furniture to hold off, including general economic conditions, the continuing bad news from Europe, and — yes — the drive to repeal or change Obamacare in Congress and the Supreme Court.

“The ongoing uncertainty surrounding what health care reform will take place has caused some health care provider customers and other related aspects of the industry to defer investments in their facilities,” Schurman said.

“The issue is not the administration’s propsed reforms,” he continued. “The issue is that there is no certainty as to what reform is going to look like. Is it going to be repealed or modified? Is it going to be decided in June by the Supreme Court, or the election? Or decided through a series of lawsuits?”

“The uncertainty is caused by the ongoing debate,” Schurman said. “Were there no ongoing debate, there would be no uncertainty.”

There's that pesky demand thing again, that thing Mitt Romney just doesn't seem to understand. And this particular episode shows that not only does he not understand it, he's determined to lie about it in order to get to his desired political end, because Romney knows that he can lie about it and once the lie hits ears willing to hear, it doesn't really matter what the truth is.

Except for this: Romney is a liar. He's a liar, a bully, and has an infatuation with authoritarian behavior. That's a truth he won't be able to escape.


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