Hold the presses! Sarah Palin has Facebooked again! This time she's not taking on the President, but going full-tilt Palin against the so-called "cannibals" in the GOP establishment, who is mercilessly, relentlessly doing their best to pile on
January 28, 2012

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Hold the presses! Sarah Palin has Facebooked again! This time she's not taking on the President, but going full-tilt Palin against the so-called "cannibals" in the GOP establishment, who is mercilessly, relentlessly doing their best to pile on Newt Gingrich to force him out of the race in order to make room for their nominee apparent.

As usual, Queen Sarah has couched her complaint in the envelope of a threat.

Newt is an imperfect vessel for Tea Party support, but in South Carolina the Tea Party chose to get behind him instead of the old guard’s choice. In response, the GOP establishment voices denounced South Carolinian voters with the same vitriol we usually see from the left when they spew hatred at everyday Americans “bitterly clinging” to their faith and their Second Amendment rights. The Tea Party was once again told to sit down and shut up and listen to the “wisdom” of their betters. We were reminded of the litany of Tea Party endorsed candidates in 2010 who didn’t win. Well, here’s a little newsflash to the establishment: without the Tea Party there would have been no historic 2010 victory at all.

I confess, it's been fun to watch what I predicted two years ago come to pass. It was one thing to sweep in a bunch of newbies on the flood of rabid John Birchers and far-right conservatives in a midterm, and entirely another to do it in a general election. Imperfect as he may be, Mitt Romney is the anointed heir to the nomination, having walked the requisite path of being Mr. Number Two in 2008, having at least a few years in public office, and most of all, having a whole lot of his own money. Now the Great Divide has burst wider than the parting of the Red Sea, and Republicans have a problem. A big one.

Palin has stood on the sidelines for months, ever since she decided not to put forward her own candidacy, and I believe it was so she could be the agitator pushing conservatives away from the mainstream candidate toward one of her choosing. And for whatever reason, Sarah has chosen Newt. Via The Politico:

In her latest appearance, Palin stated: “Look at Newt Gingrich, what’s going on with him via the establishment’s attacks,” she said, though the original question was about Ron Paul. “They’re trying to crucify this man and rewrite history and rewrite what it is that he has stood for all these years.”

Palin then called conservative writer Peggy Noonan “hypocritical” for recently calling Gingrich an “angry little attack muffin.”

“They maybe subscribe such characterization of Newt via words like that, but they don’t subscribe those to say Mitt Romney when he or his surrogates do the same thing,” she said. “That’s that typical hypocrisy stuff in the media that I’ve lived with over a couple of decades in the political arena. So I’m used to it.”

“But in order to help educate the rest of the American public, I’ll articulate that it is hypocritical of the media to subscribe to one candidate and not another, that kind of angry attack muffin verbiage to one and not the other.

I actually agree with her on some of her points, which should scare you as much as it scares me. After Gingrich won South Carolina, the mainstream Republican establishment went wild. From Chris Christie to John McCain to Dick Morris to Peggy Noonan, there is abject terror within the ranks of GOP operatives about what threat Newt Gingrich might be to the fraying threads of the Republican mainstream establishment.

I keep seeing one trotted out after the next, from Elliot Abrams to Joe Scarborough, each with their own gossipy "why I hate Newt Gingrich: story and then look over at Mitt Romney and realize that whether or not he's mainstream or not, he's just an incredibly weak candidate. He doesn't lie well, he's the Richie Rich of the 2012 election cycle in a time where people are sick of being exploited by the investor class, and he's got absolutely zero empathy or people skills.

It's a long Klown Kar ride ahead, I think.

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