White House Shooting Suspect Had 'Obsession' With President Obama

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Via CBS News:

Sources tell CBS News Ortega-Hernandez was not on the radar of the Secret Service before Friday's shooting. But investigators believe he may have targeted the White House due to a hatred of President Obama. Businessman Monte McCall, said Ortega-Hernandez compared the president to the "Antichrist" when they met recently.

"He seemed very sincere in what he believed but seemed rather troubled," McCall said.

Authorities are investigating his mental health and say there are indications he believed his attack on the White House was part of a personal mission from God, according to a law enforcement official. There also are indications the man had become obsessed with Obama and the White House, according to two officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation was continuing.

There we go with that whole "AntiChrist" thing again. Could it be that the right-wing hate messages are getting through to people who are already disturbed? (Yes, that's a sarcastic question.)

I wonder if Congressmen like Rep. Bill Johnson (R-OH) think before they say stupid things like this on right-wing hate radio:

Wildmon: Can President Obama do any more, to be hostile to the Christian faith?

Johnson: They’re not only hostile to the Christian faith; they’re hostile to America, period. You heard just within the past week President Obama saying that America’s been lazy about investing and creating business opportunities in the Pacific region, he simply has a different view than any American that I know about what makes this country great. Instead of being about creating jobs and balancing the federal budget and holding Washington accountable, he’s out slamming America every time he gets an opportunity.


Every time one of these idiots opens their mouth and spouts this kind of nonsense, another vulnerable, mentally ill person feels empowered to pick up their Second Amendment-guaranteed firearm and go off to shoot something up. This time it was a White House where the President wasn't. As an extra added bonus, right-wingers managed to link up and try and blame the OccupyDC group with this guy because the Secret Service searched their encampment without a warrant, which outraged libertarians and others.

Here's what shocked me. A man who is clearly in need of mental health services got into Washington, DC with firearms and took shots at the White House, yet it barely made a blip on anyone's radar screen until they actually caught the guy. This is how crazy things have gotten. When the right wing comes out every day with more and more outrageous targeted personal attacks on the President of the United States, it's hardly surprising to anyone that someone tried to act on it. We're just numb to it now, and that is not a good thing.


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