Woodward: Benghazi 'Does Not Rate Very High' On The Watergate Scale

5 years ago by Mugsy

Fox "news" Sunday added a special guest to their "Power Panel" yesterday, famed investigative reporter (and self-described Republican) Bob Woodward, in (what appeared to me) a deliberate ploy to try and get him to compare the Benghazi incident (and the imagined "cover-up" they are fake-outraged over) to Woodward's own famed "Watergate" scandal. Unfortunately for them, Woodward did not see the Benghazi incident as being anything close to the magnitude of the Watergate break-in & sub-sequent coverup:

CHRIS WALLACE: "Where do you think the so-called Libya scandal is now?"

BOB WOODWARD: "Well I think there are some serious unanswered questions, but the suggestion that they should have Watergate-style independent special committees to investigate this... I don't see that yet because the question seems to be: 'What did Susan Rice know and when did she know it?' which falls not very high on the scale of: Do we really need to get to the bottom of this?"

Woodward dismisses "What did Susan Rice know and when did she know it?" as insufficient cause for a sweeping investigation (or rises to the level of Watergate) because in the Watergate scandal, the question was "What did THE PRESIDENT know and when did he know it?", which is several hundred magnitudes more serious than what one lowly Ambassador knew & when.

"Benghazi" is "the scandal that wasn't there." General Petraeus already testified last week that, while they immediately suspected terrorism, they did NOT want that information made public for fear of tipping off the attackers, and the fact is the anti-Islam video behind the riots in Egypt WERE used as cover for the Libya attack, so the idea the attack was connected to the famed YouTube video was indeed the truth.

But Republicans have never let "facts" get in the way of a good argument. Thank your lucky stars the Senate didn't fall into GOP hands this election because we all know what happened the last time a successful Democratic president won reelection with a Republican Congress (endless partisan investigations culminating in impeachment).


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