GOP's Michael Steele Launches "No More Frankens" For Last Minute MidTerm Push

I tells ya, you gotta give it up for the brilliant strategist that thought this was the winning campaign to put the GOP over the edge in the mid-terms. Perhaps miffed over Franken's call for an FEC investigation into campaign cash from the US Chamber of Commerce, the GOP has launched And I quote:

“With Democrat lawyers, liberal shadow groups, and labor unions organizing to challenge the Election Day results, it is more important than ever that the American people deliver a decisive victory for Republicans up and down the ballot in all 50 states. In order to protect our hard-fought victories, we must fund and operate a winning 72 hour ground game which puts the margin of victory out of reach. The election of Democrat Al Franken to the United States Senate serves as a glaring and painful reminder to voters as to why it is so important to support our Republican Victory program and show up on Election Day.” ~ RNC Chairman Michael Steele.

I don't know how to break it to the GOP, but FRANKEN IS NOT UP FOR RE-ELECTION THIS YEAR. Seriously, this is the best you can do is to get out the vote? Invoke a senator still four years from his own re-election campaign? And the insinuation of voter fraud is based on...?

Earlier today I wrote about a new Republican National Committee fundraising website called “No More Frankens,” which says, “We now know that Republicans should have won the 2008 Senate Race in Minnesota – Act immediately to prevent another Franken!” and also makes reference to the “illegal votes of convicted felons.” To me it seemed to be implying that Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) stole the election, but not so, says RNC spokesman Doug Heye.

“I don’t think it says that,” he told me when reached for comment. “There are a lot of people on both sides who would say that Franken won in the courthouse after the election and in the weeks and days after. We want to have every resource on the ground so that we’ll be able to get people there quickly to ensure that we hit the ground running this time.” The appeal on the website indicates that the funds will go to the RNC’s Get Out the Vote program, but this doesn’t appear entirely accurate either...

What a surprise, the money isn't going where it's implied. Instead, money is allegedly getting banked for potential vote challenges.

And oh! the irony of the GOP getting up in arms over a close election being decided by a legal challenge.


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