Meet The Press: Brokaw Nails McCain On Taxing The Wealthy, Reagan's Record

We've had our issues with Tom Brokaw in the past, but today he was dead on today in his interview of John McCain, holding the candidate's feet to the fire. Earlier we showed how he hammered McCain on the reality of his position in the polls. In this mashup, Brokaw plays two clips, one of McCain in 2000 explicitly voicing his support for increasing taxes on the wealthy, and another from 2004 when he defended his opposition to Bush's tax cuts on the grounds that they disproportionately benefited the wealthy. When McCain tries to weasel his way out by claiming Herbert Hoover was the last person to raise taxes during a recession, Brokaw is quick to point out that his hero Ronald Reagan actually raised taxes in his first two years. Needless to say McCain bumbles and stumbles in the face of reality.

SEN. McCAIN: The last time a president of the United States that did that was a guy named Herbert Hoover, protectionism and raising taxes.

MR. BROKAW: Well, Ronald Reagan raised taxes as well, after the first two years in office.

SEN. McCAIN: Not in these times. Not in times--not in economic times like these.

MR. BROKAW: Well, right after the recession he did, in the first two years of his office.

SEN. McCAIN: Well, look, I would be glad to review the Reagan record, but the Reagan record was certainly one that reined in spending.


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