Obama, Bush Tax Cuts Cost Five Times More Than New Tax Hikes

Uncle Sam has a well-documented need for more tax revenue in the years ahead. And a big reason why is that between them, Presidents Bush and Obama cut taxes by more than the five times the amount of the combined new revenue hikes Obama got in January and is asking for now.

'Hurricane Sandy Is A Keynesian'

I saw it fly past in yesterday's Twitter stream: 'Hurricane Sandy is a Keynesian'. And I thought, "Hmm." Now, don't get me wrong. There's no way in hell I'm happy about this storm (in fact, I'd like to send an invoice to oil lobbyists and

The Choice: Romney Recession Vs. Obama Boom

After campaigning for months on the long ago debunked slander that President Obama "made the economy worse," Mitt Romney is now promising voters a "big change" over the next four years. President Romney's change would be big, all right, just

Romney Returns To His "Obama Made The Economy Worse" Lie

So Mitt Romney has decided to end his presidential campaign the same way he started it. That is, by lying. During what his aides touted as a "major address" in Iowa Friday, Governor Romney charged that while President Obama "inherited a

The Daily Show: American Pickers

After taking a shot at Mitt Romney, his criticism of the government "picking winners and losers" and comparing the government's track record to Bain Capital's record in that regard, Jon Stewart reminded us of what the real problem is that Romney and

Union Member: Obama Saved Our Jobs

The President of United Auto Workers local 5285, Ricky McDowell, said that organized labor supports President Barack Obama because he saved their jobs. “With the help of President Obama saving the Big Three, with the stimulus money, it

Hayes: Ryan Defended Stimulus In 2002 When Bush Wanted It

It appears that Buzzfeed's Andrew Kaczynski isn't the only one digging through C-SPAN's archives for old footage. Kudos to the crew at Up With Chris Hayes for this find which puts on full display Rep. Paul Ryan's complete hypocrisy when it comes to

Ed Schultz Asks Who's The Bigger Liar, Romney Or Ryan?

Ed Schultz pulled out his own whiteboard to try to keep tabs on how may lies Mitt Romney told this week and asked whether the Republicans' presumptive presidential nominee or his running mate, Paul Ryan was the bigger liar. I think Mittens wins it