Zombie Ants

(graphic via SBS U Texas) This sounds like a horror movie. Only in Texas, my friends: Pesky Ants Becoming Zombies That Die Some researchers in Te

Mike's Blog Roundup

Monkeyfister: While waiting for G-Dub's promised prayers to roll down to the tornado-stricken Mid-South, MF has some more practical suggestions for th

Open Thread

Mark Moford at CommonDreams. (Side note: I just love this one weird little cognitive study sent to me by a friend recently; it claims that spending

Six Inconvenient Logical Fallacies

So Michael Medved, semi-famous movie reviewer and radio host, who has of late morphed into a weird "Hollywood vs. America" right-wing concern troll,

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Heretik notes class acts, conspiracy theories, weird science, monumental ego, strange priorities, odd numbers, and government of the people, by th