Daily Caller Running Gun Giveway Contest

This wins my "WTF of the Day" award. I kid you not, this is real. Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller is running a "One Gun A Day" giveaway from now until Election Day. It's a list-building promotion so they can find more idiots who actually want to read

From Russia With Gov

Jon Stewart has figured out why Sarah Palin loves to wear red so often. Only a Soviet agent would purposefully twist around historic facts and put out a willful misunderstanding of President Obama's words.

Mike's Blog Roundup

MAL Contends: U.S. Army Clears War of Wrongdoing Obsidian Wings: WTF? ANTI-Defamation League? Really? Really? Left in the West:Tester,

Open Thread

Dedicated to the GOP. And yeah, I could have run this Brook Benton Scopitone as a Late Night Music Club, but even I think Amato and Max Marginal wou