Daily Caller Running Gun Giveway Contest

This wins my "WTF of the Day" award. I kid you not, this is real. Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller is running a "One Gun A Day" giveaway from now until Election Day. It's a list-building promotion so they can find more idiots who actually want to read the tripe they send out on a daily basis.

In order to enter the contest, one must give their full name, email address, and agree to receive one of their daily digests. Oh, and agree to the terms and conditions of the contest, too. Here's the promo:

The Daily Caller will be giving away one gun per week until Election Day – November 6, 2012.

The FMK9C1 is an American-made high capacity 9mm designed by Jim Pontillo and manufactured in
California. Each gun is engraved with the Bill of Rights and comes in one of three colors.

To enter this week’s contest, simply sign up below to receive updates from The Daily Caller. Our DC
Morning emails are an informative and amusing way to keep up with the latest news.

According to the terms and conditions, contestants must undergo a background check and file the necessary forms with the ATF in order to actually receive their custom-colored, high-powered pistol.

W.T.F.? Media Matters has more on Jim Pontillo, manufacturer of the spiffy prize:

Pontillo has also published some creepily bizarre stuff that transcends mere fringy-ness and is actually pretty alarming. Like his one-act play about the Virginia Tech massacre (written from the point of view of the murder weapon). And his belief that "we should send the U.S. Military down to Mexico, seize their oil fields, and confiscate the proceeds until the Mexican government changes its policy of encouraging their population to come here for work and send money home, all subsidized by American taxpayers."

Dave Weigel:

So far, only the wags at Media Matters have explored beyond the stunt to find out more about Pontillo. He's the kind of gun manufacturer who likes to write Human Events columns about how Arizona's SB1070 was " a warning to a despotic administration that the American people are only going to tolerate a limited amount of assault on their sovereignty." But that was two years ago, and Pontillo, like most conservatives who talk this way, decided that winning the 2010 midterms was probably better than open rebellion. I showed Carlson the Arizona column, just to check. "A little rebellion once in a while isn't a bad thing," he said.

This aligns with the much-touted conservative belief that in the day and age where "liberals" are in charge, conservatives need their guns because otherwise their freedoms will die in the fire of liberal socialism. Yet, it's conservatives who are killing our freedoms with their assault on women, schools, libraries, and universities.

Remember when they wail about gun shortages that all they have to do is agree to receive right-wing pap in their inbox to have a chance to be one of the lucky rebels that can jam a gun in their pants and tell the rest of us what to do.


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