January 6

January 6, 1983 - "No New . . . .Never Mind".

News of the day, this day in history for January 3, 1983. Pres. Reagan hints there may be some new tax on the course ahead. Budget cuts/gas tax rise. Social Security hot topic. Soviet Spy Satellite Cosmos 1402 rumored to be out of control and falling back to earth. Warsaw Pact proposes peace initiatives to NATO. Talks at Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon enter round #4. French authorities seize and enter Greenpeace ship entering Cherbourg harbor. Woman in Oregon dies from Cyanide poisoning rumored from ingesting Anacin 3 capsule.

January 6, 1993 - And Then There Was Bosnia.

News of the day for January 6, 1993 - hopes for ceasefire in Bosnia and a proposal put forth to make Sarajevo an Open City as fighting and shelling continue. President-elect Bill Clinton to be confirmed as President. Vetting process going on for Clinton appointees and Ross Perot is back in the picture.