PFA Launches A New Ad To Help Scare Americans


Today the conservative organization Progress for America is launching a new ad that could almost become a teaser for The Path to 9/11

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Progress for America says in their press release that:

The ad seeks to remind Americans of why the U.S. and its allies are fighting the war on terror. "Many seem to have forgotten the evil that happened only five years ago," the ad plays. It then chillingly runs through a list of the attacks terrorists have launched against the U.S. with bold images that take the viewer back to the time of the terrifying events. The ad links those events over the last decade to the efforts to kill and capture terrorists still threatening the U.S. The ad closes with, "the War on Terror is a war for our country's freedom, security and survival."

What strikes me as very interesting is that PFA decided to release this video on the same weekend ABC is set to air The Path to 9/11.

Here is the script from this new ad:

These people want to kill us.

Whether called Al-Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah,

They're terrorists who want to kill everyone who don't submit to their extreme ideology...

...submit to a system where women have no rights, where innocent civilians are political pawns.

Many seem to have forgotten the evil that happened only five years ago.

They would cut and run in the Middle East, leaving Al-Qaeda to attack us again.

Many times before 9/11, Al-Qaeda attacked America, and we took little action.

The first World Trade Center bombing...

Our embassies

The USS Cole

But after 9/11, we struck back, destroying Al-Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Terrorists like Zarqawi who want to kill us.

Now, we have narrowly escaped "another 9/11,"

...using proven surveillance that some would stop.

The War on Terror is a war for our country's freedom, security and survival.

I can't emphasize enough the lies brought up in this ad. I have not heard of any one saying we should "cut and run" from the Middle East. I have heard Democrats saying that we should start redeploying our troops in Iraq so we can focus on those who did attack us. The fact that the NATO commanded in Afghanistan all but issued an SOS yesterday calling for help to fight the Taliban shows that we are not focusing on the people who attacked us.

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The Taliban was nearly destroyed until Bush decided to go after Iraq. Now they have remerged and are stronger and more lethal. This is all because Bush took his eyes off the true enemy and decided to go after a war of convenience instead.


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