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I usually don't bother responding to blogs that only write posts so that Malkin (who linked this one) or Reynolds might link them, but this is so laughable I had to give you a glimpse into the lies they tell themselves endlessly. My hand burns as I hyperlink this post.

There is an enemy in America- Powerful -Shrill- Self-Hating - It has never been more obvious, it has never been more open... than it is today- mourning Saddam!

It is not a fringe element.
It is not a minority.
It is the voice of today's American Left.

The evil mass-murdering Saddam Hussein was hung today and the American left mourns... Their America-hating sickness has never been more glaring.

The GP then links to Barbara's great article on C&L which if a---person---right winger blogger---bush cultist reads would find that there's not a mention of the mourning of Saddam. I know it's really tough for the Malkinites to read and comprehend anything that doesn't include the word " unhinged" in it. The first commenter on his post says it all:

meatbrain said...
Jimbo is -- once again -- lying outright. None of the articles he links to in any way "mourn" the passing of Saddam, nor do any of the writers seem upset that he is gone. They are merely pointing out that Saddam's execution is theater, and that the actual architect of the 9/11 attacks has still not been brought to justice... because that's how the President wants it.

"I don't know where [Osama bin Laden] is. I -- I'll repeat what I said. I truly am not that concerned about him." -- President George W. Bush, 03/13/02

Ladies and gentleman---the lying liars that make up the right wing blogosphere. Larisa also has a few choice words for this standard representative which makes up the vast majority of right wing bloggers: The Right Wing Brain Dead Speaketh


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