DKos: Okay, so JetBlue, after deciding to resist Bill O'Reilly's pressure last night, just decided to back down. Let them know what you think about t
July 19, 2007


Okay, so JetBlue, after deciding to resist Bill O'Reilly's pressure last night, just decided to back down. Let them know what you think about that.

As for my part, I'm cancelling my JetBlue American Express card and will be looking at alternative options for my future travel. Too bad. Unfortunately, JetBlue just told me (and the rest of us) that they accept O'Reilly's bullshit smears.

What's really interesting about this whole affair is that the most aggressive pushback is coming from Hillary Clinton's camp. JetBlue may have just exacerbated their PR problem, but at least we're seeing that the days when Democrats would've followed suit are behind us.

Update: Oh, and JetBlue advertises with Fox. You see, it's okay to support the likes of Ann Coulter.

Update II: JetBlue wants me to note that they didn't pull the tickets they donated to the event. So the sponsorship remains, but they are too afraid to let anyone know that they donated those tickets.

Doesn't this seem the worst of all worlds. Will right wingers be appeased considering that JetBlue is still giving yKos free tickets? Way to piss off everyone...

The right wing has learned early and well that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. JetBlue has been inundated with calls and emails for the last 24 hours, thanks to Bill O'Reilly's national platform on TV and radio and the assistance of internet minions like Michelle Malkin.

Well, it's time for you to get squeaky. Not profane, not threatening, not hate-filled...that just plays right into what Billo (Mr. "San Francisco-can-get-hit-by-al-Qaeda-and-that's-okay-with-me") has said about all of us. Look, on average, progressives are better educated, younger and more likely to travel than a Bill O'Reilly viewer. This is bad business practices. And they should be smarter than that..

(John Amato: A big problem is that JetBlue and others really don't understand the new dynamic that is playing out in the world of media. O'Reilly is part of the dying, prehistoric breed of old media ( and propagandists) and we are the the new ---up and coming---vital marketshare.  We're more likely to put our purchasing dollars in companies that reflect our values and participate in boycotts of those that don't.)

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