Nicolle Wallace Berates Chuck Todd For Failure To Adequately Praise Chris Christie


Former Bush spokesperson and McCain adviser, Nicolle Wallace, who was happy to help inflict Sarah Palin on the rest of the country, took a few shots at MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd for his refusal to adequately heap praise on embattled New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

She took a shot at Rachel Maddow as well during her little rant on this Wednesday's Morning Joe as well. Here's to hoping Rachel quits inviting this hack on her show as a guest if she thinks it's alright to insult her on the air as she did here. Scarborough loves her, so she's likely to remain a permanent fixture on that show for the foreseeable future.

They haven't been taking Christie's downfall very well over there. It looks like Wallace is still in denial.

'Morning Joe' Panelist Outraged That Chuck Todd Didn't Praise Chris Christie (VIDEO):

A "Morning Joe" panelist was shocked to learn Wednesday that some people weren't dazzled by Chris Christie's visit to Chicago.

NBC chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd stopped by the pro-Christie show and was immediately asked if the New Jersey governor had a "pretty good day" on Tuesday, when he delivered highly partisan remarks at the Economic Club of Chicago.

The question confused Todd.

"I guess it's a good day that what? That he didn't get, that more indictments didn't come in," Todd said.

(No indictments have been handed down in the investigation of last year's politically motivated lane closures on the George Washington Bridge)

But before he could even fully muster a response, Todd was berated by Nicolle Wallace, a former George W. Bush spokesperson and now a "Morning Joe" regular.

"Oh my god," Wallace said repeatedly.

"Rachel's not on 'till 9," she added, referring to MSNBC host Rachel Maddow.

The remark clearly annoyed Todd, who wondered what defined a "good day" for the embattled governor. Wallace then took a shot at MSNBC's own coverage of the bridge scandal.

"So much time has been spent in the last four weeks covering every teeny, minuscule, breaking non-news event," Wallace said.

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"Not on my show," Todd fired back.

"Well, on the network on which you appear and I appear," Wallace responded.

Todd later said that, unlike "Morning Joe," he's not going to carry water for Christie.

"I'm not cheerleading," Todd said. "You're asking me to cheerlead one side or the other. I'm not cheerleading. I know others on this show are cheerleading. That's fine."


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